Waxologist Focus

Waxologist Focus — Karee

You should feel comfortable with your Waxologist, so I'm doing some short feature posts on our team members.

Karee Harrison is our most tenured team member. Since she's joined Grizzy Bare Waxing back in 2012, we estimate she's expertly conducted almost 10,000 waxing sessions with our valued clients. Wow!

Let's talk with Karee...

Jessica: Tell us how you first got into esthetics and waxing?

Karee: I have always been obsessed withs skin care. Since I was a teen with acne, I was fascinated with how products effect the skin. I knew I wasn’t interested in dermatology and the perscription side of the industry but more of the natural side of things… I also have darker hair, and when I was younger I was teased for having a “mustache” which now, looking back, wasn’t that bad. But it did start me on a long skin care and body hair journey. Esthetics was the perfect fit for me, and I still enjoy it just as much almost 10 years later.


J: What's your favorite part about waxing?

K: My favorite part will always be being able to see an immediate end result, and, in the end, making someone feel more beautiful and confident. 


J: What do you do for fun when you're not waxing?

K: My favorite hobby is gardening and canning my crops. I also enjoy fishing, camping, huckleberry picking, and swimming at the lake with the family in the summer. I am a licensed hunter — both bow and rifle — but right now, with how young the boys are and our last one on the way, I won’t be having much time 'til they get a little older.


J: Do you have an especially rewarding story or experience from working at the Grizzly Bare you’d like to share?

K: Well… the most rewarding experiences I get from working here are when I get young adolescents who gets teased or are embarrassed by hair, no matter where it is, who come in and gain the confidence to be around their peers or significant other. [I can really relate] since this is something I delt with when I was younger.


J: What is your most popular service?

K: My most popular service would be some form of bikini/brazilian wax. Although brow designs are coming in at a close second.


J: Your favorite place to hang out in Missoula?

K: My favorite place to hang out in Missoula would be Ridge Fitness where I get my decompression time. I enjoy being active and healthy, and this is where I go enjoy a little “me time”.

Karee receives great client feedback on our Yelp page. She is definitely a star player, but follow Rebecca's advice and "plan ahead because she books up early."

Have you had a great experience with Karee? Why not leave a Yelp review to tell others about it?

Karee was helpful, informative and more importantly efficient. Thanks for providing a great experience!
— Stephanie E. on Yelp

Waxologist Focus — Bekka

Bekka and her dog-child, Bella.

Bekka and her dog-child, Bella.

Bekka Brookbank has been delighting clients at Grizzly Bare since 2016. If you've met her, you know her upbeat personality is contagious and will leave you excited about your newly smooth skin and looking forward to your next appointment.

Let's chat with Bekka and learn more about her...

Jessica: Tell us how you first got into esthetics and waxing?

Bekka: I was living in Alaska & wanted to be a Makeup Artist. In Alaska you have to have an Esthetician License to do professional makeup so that's why I went to Beauty School initially. After I started learning about waxing and facials I decided that I wanted to do a little bit of everything. Over time, my passion for waxing grew, and here I am!


J: What's your favorite part about waxing?

B: I love helping other people feel better about themselves and building their confidence. Just seeing their mood improve from the beginning of our service to the end (even with the pain involved, ha ha) makes my day! Also meeting so many interesting and amazing people through the process is wonderful; a lot of my clients come in every month and we catch up & get to know each other. It's almost like a coffee date with a friend. I love it.


J: What do you do for fun when you're not waxing?

B: My favorite pastimes are knitting/crocheting and hiking. I have an Etsy shop where I sell my knit goods, and I also have some items available at the waxing studio. So I spend a lot of my time at home working on my shop. But I also love being outside with my dog and/or a hiking buddy! Being in the Missoula area there are so many trails and peaks, and I still have so much to explore after being here for almost 2 years. I also enjoy going to our many amazing local breweries for some craft beer from time to time!


J: Do you have an especially rewarding story or experience from working at the Grizzly Bare you’d like to share?

B: There's not one specific story I can think of but a common experience I find very rewarding is when clients come in for their very first Brazilian Wax. They're always pretty nervous and scared (understandably so), but every single client always says something along the lines of, "Wow that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!" or "That barely hurt!" They're always so relieved and happy with their first wax, and I'm happy to be able to provide that for them. There are so many horrible stories of bad experiences floating around on the internet and sometimes from friends of clients, but that's not going to happen here! 


J: What is your most popular service?

B: Brazilians, always have been! Brows are a close second. 


J: Tell me about your dog?

B: Bella is my 9 year old dog-child, and my world revolves around her; she has been my best friend and sidekick for almost a decade, and I can't imagine having it any other way! She is a Staffy/Bulldog/Boxer mix; I recently did a DNA test on her and found out some things I didn't know! She's a cuddle bug and loves being under blankets — in fact she demands it at this point, ha ha. But she also loves going on walks and meeting other dogs & people. She loves children and gets the most excited about them when we're out and about. She grunts when she's extra happy, usually after she eats breakfast/dinner, and it's almost like she's talking. (I know I'm a crazy dog lady, I'm okay with it.) She also snores very loudly when she sleeps and sometimes when she's awake; it's become a soothing sound to me though. I'm very used to it. I could go on and on :) 


J: What do you look forward to in the future?

B: I have plans and goals for both professional and personal growth that I'm excited for, looking forward to making it all happen! I can't think of a better place [than the Grizzly Bare] to be for that.

Bekka's got some kudos on Yelp, as well. Check out what a couple of our clients have said about her:

Have you had a great experience with Bekka? Why not leave a Yelp review to tell others about it?

I see Bekka who is seriously the nicest cosmetologist I’ve ever met. She is great at what she does and makes an uncomfortable process very comfortable/easy.
— Mimi C. on Yelp