Clear Skin is possible with the BARE Skin Program.

Are you ready for a positive change? Are you ready to invest in you?

This program is different. It works. 

Although acne is a genetic condition, there are many factors that go into causing acne to surface. And, while there is no cure, it is possible to have clear skin and keep it that way. My job is to educate you, then give you the tools you need to achieve the result you wish for.

The BARE Skin Program starts with a 2 hour Initial Consultation + Treatment. At this visit I analyze your skin and test it's sensitivity. Your skin will receive a hydrating enzyme treatment or a light peel, depending on the condition that it is in. I will customize a home care product routine for you to do at home every morning and night. Also, I will educate you on how your lifestyle choices and diet may be affecting your skin. 

You will see me every two weeks for usually the first three months. This is a very important part of the process because at these appointments we alter your home care routine; you start with gentler products and work up to stronger ones. This continues to challenge your skin as it repairs without drying it out or causing irritation, which is a necessary step in clearing. Often there is a dramatic difference in just a few months. 

We can do this together!

This truly is a passion of mine. I love skin. I love helping others feel beautiful inside and out. Please contact me anytime - I am excited to hear your skin story. 


Jessica Rouse

Acne Specialist/Esthetician

Results after 9 weeks on the BARE Skin Program.

Results after 9 weeks on the BARE Skin Program.