The 3 Biggest Mistakes Waxing Clients Make

So you came in for your waxing appointment. Now what?

We need your help! In order to get the wonderful results that you crave from your waxing services, it's a team effort.

We really want what's best for you, so we feel it's helpful to remind you to avoid making these three mistakes between your visits with us :

  1. Forgetting to exfoliate and moisturize your skin. We can remove the hair, but we need you to make sure your skin is free of gunk and not dried out in order to avoid those pesky ingrown hairs. If you're not sure what to use, please ask us what products we'd recommend for you. We always stock the latest and greatest post-waxing skincare products.
  2. Shaving between waxing appointments. When we start a waxing routine, our goal is to get all of your hairs on the same growth cycle. When this happens, you stay smooth for longer. If you shave between your appointments, it starts the process all over again and we won't be able to get your skin very smooth when you wax again. 
  3. Waiting too long between wax appointments. Nobody wants it to feel like the first-time wax again. Simple as that.

Easy peasy, right? We KNOW you can do it!

Any questions? We're here for you.