Why Serious Serum

For years we have provided the post-wax skin care product, Serious Serum, to all of our clients at the Grizzly Bare.

Why? Because it works. Seriously!

Now, their new all natural formula is even more amazing.

The newest ingredient being Peppermint Oil! Peppermint oil is one of nature’s natural coolants. It helps relieve common skincare problems such as acne, irritation, soreness, and itching. It also reduces redness, blotchiness, and perks up dull skin. Peppermint oil contains several minerals that benefit skin including iron, magnesium, folate, calcium, potassium, copper, omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C.

This stuff is the best AHA/BHA Ingrown Hair Eliminator and Skin Exfoliant you'll ever use. Serious Serum is the perfect blend of 6% lactic acid, 3% glycolic acid, and 1% salicylic acid, which will leave your skin silky smooth and fabulous anywhere you apply it. Serious Serum was developed for post waxing use to alleviate ingrown hairs and minimize redness. However, we happily discovered that the combination of facial grade AHA/BHAs and green tea, aloe vera, and chamomile work perfectly to smooth bumpy, rough skin everywhere! Mommas-to-be, it's even safe to use during pregnancy.

Feel free to inquire more at your next appointment.