About Us

Grizzly Bare Waxing Studio was created in November of 2009 by Jessica Rouse, a Canadian esthetician with a passion for skin care! This unique and specialized Studio has filled a void in Missoula; Jessica saw the need for devotion to waxing and was determined to bring it.

In 2018 the Grizzly Bare Waxing Studio expanded and rebranded itself as BARE wax + skin with a mission to continue offering meticulous hair removal services while creating lasting impressions, but also adding much-needed acne care services.

From delicate brow sculpting to custom-shaped Brazilian wax services, artistic flare is something you’re sure to find at our Studio. We’re not about Plain Jane at this place! And, as mentioned in the local Kaimin newspaper, “precision is paramount” at BARE, so leaving smooth and satisfied with your service is our number one goal.

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Our Team

Jessica Rouse — Waxologist/CERTIFIED Acne specialist/Owner

Most of my life experiences have involved being an artist — painting, sculpting, photography and anything crafty. When I eventually recognized my strong interest in skin care, and completed my training at the Blanche MacDonald Centre in Vancouver, BC, I was led to the wonderful world of waxing. I knew I had stumbled upon a career choice that would satisfy my artistic being while providing me the opportunity to give hands-on care to others.

When I moved to Missoula in May 2009, I was determined to give Missoula something I felt it needed — a studio devoted to waxing. After opening the Grizzly Bare Waxing Studio in 2009, I was able to specialize in hair removal for 8 years while also adding amazing women to grow the business. During this time, I also realized I had a strong desire to help people who struggle with skin conditions, and I needed a larger space to make this happen. This was how BARE wax + skin came about!

In 2016 I became a Certified Acne Specialist with Face Reality Skincare and am now clearing acne for the people of Missoula. This journey has allowed me to follow my dream and to help others feel great about themselves. As you will see, waxing + skincare are my passions, and I love what I do!

Email Jessica at jessica@baremissoula.com or visit the Contact page for more options.

Karee Harrison — Waxologist

I was born and raised in San Diego, California, and moved to Montana in 2007. Here I followed my passion for skin care and attended the Bitterroot School of Cosmetology. I have been an esthetician since 2007 and absolutely love it. Creating lasting relationships with my clients means a lot to me, and I’m often sought after for my eyebrow shaping and Brazilian wax skills.

It’s great to be here in Montana with my twin boys, and I am so excited to be a part of BARE!




I was born and raised in Bozeman, MT but spent the last 11 years in San Diego, CA. It was there that I earned my Esthetics License in 2008. In 2019 I moved to Missoula with my two kiddos to be closer to family & friends. I love Montana and feel blessed to live in such a beautiful place and to be a part of the exceptional team of pros at BARE.

I find that my work as an esthetician is truly fulfilling, and I enjoy connecting with my clients. In addition to my waxing skills, I am a savvy sugar professional (“Sugarist”) and a Certified Acne Specialist. Sugaring is an excellent alternative to waxing which uses a “natural” sugar paste to remove hairs from the root. It is often great for those whose skin is sensitive to heat and/or prone to ingrown hairs.

I am so excited to share my passion for hair removal and skincare with you!